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(Here’s What You Missed Last Week and a Look Ahead.)

Your Summary of the biggest tax, trade and investment headlines affecting International Business and Financial Services

Safe Havens Regain Appeal.

EU’s New Plan for Safer Banks.

Obama Renews Corporate Tax Reforms

Fear Be Dammed: Why It is Time to Invest in Emerging Markets.

State Bank of India Turning to Facebook and Twitter for New Customers.

Nigeria Seals Off 23 Companies for Non-Remmittance of Employee Taxes

A View from Budapest: Tax Dodgers Always Ahead of the Game

Why Where You Trade is Everybody’s Business

HMRC Claims £100M Victory in Tax Evasion Case.

FATCA Fuels IRS Amnesty, But Advocate Calls it Harsh

Slovenia Initials FATCA Agreement with US

UN Says Top Tax Haven in 2013 Received More Investment Than Brazil and India.

How Panama Can Become the ‘Singapore’ of the Americas.

What Hosting the G-20 Means for Australia.

Australia Announces Offshore Banking Reforms.

The Irish Times Examines the Rise of Jersey as an Offshore Giant.

Africa Told to Seize the Opportunities from Global tax Reform.

Hungary Rejects OECD Advise to Tax Wealth.

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