Commonwealth Endorses G20-Led “Development By Proxy”

Mexican President Felipe Calderon and current G20 Chair admits that 90% of the world’s GDP is represented at the G20 table but 90% of the rest of the world isn’t.

The solution?

According to Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Karmalesh Sharma speaking yesterday after a meeting with President Calderon in the lead up to this year’s G20 Summit in Los Cabos has proposed that the G20 become a T20 acting as “trustees for the concerns of the unrepresented global community”.


What then is the point of the Bretton Woods System, the United Nations and the other  agencies thereunder who not through ‘proxy’ but by direct, participatory representation determine and execute the development agenda of the over 100 countries still excluded from the G20.

Why would the Commonwealth be happy to endorse the championing of the world’s development agenda by this ‘special interest group’?

This is especially curious since the application of G20 methodologies thus far with respect to its main agenda item – the rebuilding of the international financial system -, has yet to accelerate growth in the economies of its proposed ‘legatees’.


2 thoughts on “Commonwealth Endorses G20-Led “Development By Proxy”

  1. The G-20 is increasing in its role as “Big Brother”. The question is: what is going to be the reaction of the “rest of the family”, if any?


  2. It seems to me increasingly that political heavyweights do not have the capacity to find workable solutions to solve taxation problems; or am I missing something in way of understanding macro taxation policies?


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