No Such Thing as Client-Tax Adviser Confidentiality.

…unless of course your adviser happens to be a lawyer.

The UK Supreme Court in Prudential plc v Special Commissioner of Income Tax has now put it beyond doubt that the legal protection afforded to communication (in any form) between lawyer and client does not extend to exchanges between clients and their tax advisers.

“Unprincipled and anti-competitive for individuals and businesses who we believe should be able to seek the best professional advice upon the same terms whether from lawyers, accountants or indeed other appropriately qualified professionals” was – perhaps predictably – the reaction from the Michael Izza, Chief Executive of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Anticipating the critique of those who often wish for more ‘judge-made’ law, the Court also declared that it was up to Parliament to determine if this 400 year old privilege should be extended to non-legally qualified tax advisers.


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