Your summary of the biggest tax, trade and investment headlines affecting International Business and Financial Services.

US Blocks G20 Crackdown on Web Giants Tax Avoidance

FATCA: How to Lose Friends and Influence People

France May Back-Peddle on Internet Companies Tax

EU Interested in FTA with Latin American Countries

First  Round of EU-US Trade and Investment Partnership Talks Concluded

U.S Dodd-Frank Law To be Enacted By Year End

Qatar Gets a Higher Tax Bill from HMRC

Britain to Ban Bearer Shares, Maybe

Vatican Freezes Assets of Monsignor as Bank Scandal Deepens

EU Wants Financial Services Included in Trade Deal with US

Kuwaiti Kharafi Group Says Buying Football Clubs Makes No Sense

PayPal Credits Customer with $92 Quadrillion by Mistake

New UK General Anti-Avoidance Tax Rules Now Law

U.S Rethinks Mandatory Disaster Planning for Magician’s Rabbits

Mongolia Is the Mouse that Roared

What’s Wrong With India‘s Economy?

German Finance Minister’s Trip to Greece Stirs Up Tension

Calls for a British Investment Bank: Why and How

Is U.S Foreign Policy Adrift?

Blog Posts

What’s Driving Hong Kong‘s Fears and Why OFCs Should Take Note

Obama Rejects Tax on Personal Data Collection

Do Canada‘s Tax Reforms Promote Tax Fairness?

It’s Not Only Swiss Cheese That’s Full of Holes

Why America Might Need Our Sympathy


Tax Attractiveness Index

CapGemini World Wealth Report 2013

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