Your summary of the biggest tax, trade and investment headlines affecting International Business and Financial Services.

Usain Bolts To UK Tax Haven

Mayor of London Encourages EU Banks to Flee Financial Transactions Tax.

Why Regulatory Action and Criminal Investigation is Good for OFCs

PayPal Unveils the Modern Spice Routes

Let Them Remit!

Singapore Loosens Switzerland’s Grip on Wealth Management

Asia Slow to Sign FATCA IGAs

Comparing Effect Corporate Tax Rates. U.S Highest (Video)

HMRC Requests for Tax Payer Information Up 26% last year

OECD Insists that Ireland is Not a Tax Haven

OECD BEPS Plan Alone Will Not Solve Africa’s Problems

The OECD’s International Tax Plan: The First Step On a Very Long Way.

Africa’s Natural Resources Can Lift Millions Out of Poverty.

FATCA Implications for U.S Citizens in Hong Kong

U.S IRS Pursuing ‘Stateless’ Income Tax Enforcement

Blog Posts

What to Expect from Australia as G20 Chair in 2014

5 Point Post g20Russia Strategic Plan for OFCs

Is it Now Time for a World Tax Organisation? (The Debate Resumes)

The G20 Re-Writes the OECD Global Forum Work Programme to Focus on Automatic Information Exchange.


Final Communique of G20 Ministers of Finance and Central Bank governors July 20, 2013

OECD Base Erosion and Profits Shifting Action Plan.

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