Your summary of the biggest tax, trade and investment headlines affecting International Business and Financial Services.

Senator Levin Introduces Bill to Combat U.S Corporations with Hidden Owners

Portugal Considering 17% Corporate  Tax Rate

Obama Equates Tax Cuts with Increased Spending

Moody Mulls Over Isle-of-Man Triple A Downgrade because of Tax Transparency Concerns

U.S Liechtenstein Tax Evasion Probe Nets $23.8 Million

FATCA: A Simple Premise Gone Horribly Wrong

Profit Shifting a Race to Top Not Bottom of Economic Prosperity

Britain Is Slamming Its Doors Against the World

UK Should Adopt Unilateral Approach to Tax Avoidance

‘Fabulous Fab‘ Found Liable for Fraud

Australia to Introduce a Bank Levy on Deposits

Tax Regime to Target Corrupt Officials

House of Lords Weighs In on Tax Avoidance Reform

Judge Dismisses Dodd-Frank Challenge

Minimise this: A Plan to Curb Tax Avoidance Takes Shape

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