OECD At Odds Over EU Tax Haven Blacklist


President of the EU Commission Jose Manuel Barros

You really cannot make this stuff up!

So the EU Commission publishes  its long awaited tax haven blacklist of uncooperative countries.



Then both the Head of the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Tax Information Exchange Secretariat – Monica Bhatia and the Director of the OECD Center for Tax Policy Administration  -Pascal Saint Amans promptly and publicly disagree with the findings on Barbados which are not in keeping with the only internationally agreed upon criteria in this area which has repeatedly confirmed that Barbados is neither a tax haven nor is it uncooperative. To complete the picture the EU representative in Barbados confirms that in at least two cases the information  used by the Commission to justify  its findings was at least five years out of date.

More here: http://www.caymanfinances.com/oecd-responds-to-eus-blacklist/


One thought on “OECD At Odds Over EU Tax Haven Blacklist

  1. Good morning from St. John’s.

    Was surprised to hear about this blacklist.

    Thought this was behind us…

    Any chance that we could have a Skype Chat about this…soonest…

    My skype handle is “rogersmedia”.

    I am on the air 6 – 10 am…

    Let me know.


    Highest Regards

    Julian E C Rogers Esq. MBE Managing Director

    MEDIAROGERS.AG INC. *Operators of Rogers Radio Caribbean* Rogers Media House Scotts Hill P O Box W1481 St. John’s Antigua

    (268) 726-1889 Skype ID: rogersmedia


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