If The Labour Party Wins…

…the next UK general election, according to the Shadow Chancellor John McDowell MP and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rebecca Long-Bailey MP:
1. Tax-doging companies will be banned from winning public sector contracts

2. CDOTS (Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories) will be forced to introduce public registers.

3.Tax policy would focus making taxation fairer by shifting the tax burden away from those who earn wages and salaries to those who hold wealth.

4. Tax avoidance rules will be re-written to reinforce the Party’s view that taxation is a ‘patriotic commitment’

5. Double resources investigating tax avoidance by creating a new Tax Enforcement Unit at the HMRC

Q: Why the Focus on Tax Avoidance?

A: Possibly Brexit

While Labour views Brexit as an opportunity for greater international cooperation around information sharing the Party is concerned that Brexit would enhance the UK’S position as a location for tax avoidance.


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