Will International Rules on Tax Information Exchange Fuel a Market for Stolen Tax-Payer Data?

  Switzerland looks to be one step closer to responding to requests for information based on stolen data once that data is in the public domain.  This is because the Swiss Federal Council has adopted a dispatch on certain proposed amendments to its Tax Administrative Assistance programme that will ease the rules on the use of… More Will International Rules on Tax Information Exchange Fuel a Market for Stolen Tax-Payer Data?

What a Tangled Web!

  Fancy a peek at Facebook’s earnings and tax bills? Tax Eurocrats certainly do. So keen are they to compel the world’s largest multinational corporations to open their tax arrangements with EU governments to full public scrutiny that the European Commission is expected to table the necessary legislation in April. Tax legislation in the EU… More What a Tangled Web!

Quest Means Business.

  No, not the popular Richard Quest from the CNN show. The other Mr. Quest  –  Director General for Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission, Stephen Quest – who apparently also ‘means business’ when it comes to piloting the EU’s aggressive package of tax avoidance measures through the Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union . His department is responsible for… More Quest Means Business.

Africa & BEPS Value-Added: A Reality Check.

The OECD BEPS project has been marketed to developing countries, primarily those on the African Continent, as a way to re-balance the bargain often struck between government and multinationals operating in, our through their countries. BEPS, has been vociferously articulated by the OECD, international NGOS, and perhaps a little less boisterously by African governments themselves;… More Africa & BEPS Value-Added: A Reality Check.

The Proofs of My Book on Tax Diplomacy…

From the book…Over 3,000b bilateral agreements to prevent tax evasion, eliminate double taxation and provide a legal basis for the exchange of confidential tax-payer information have been concluded by states. Not a technical treatise on taxation, this book explains how the exercise of tax diplomacy by states is influenced by the international tax aspects of their foreign policy. Designed to make accessible this area of international relations which has escaped the public scrutiny associated with other forms of statecraft, the book explains the unassailable link between the state’s economic value system the goals of this feature of diplomacy often obfuscated by the word ‘tax’. Few small island developing states have pursued a programme of sustained of tax treaty negotiation. Barbados is a well-known exception. Even if numerically modest by developed world standards its thirty-five treaties are geographically diverse and are used throughout the text to illustrate the contemporary policy and practice of tax diplomacy.… More The Proofs of My Book on Tax Diplomacy…

Europe Playing ‘Cat and Mouse’ with Automatic Exchange of Information.

(EU Tax Commissioner Algirdas Semeta) Just as the EU starts talks with Switzerland to revise their EU-Swiss Savings Tax Directive, based on planned changes to the EU’s own Savings Tax Directive, EU Tax Commissioner Algirdas Semeta has chided Austria and Luxembourg for playing ‘cat and mouse’ with the EU on the issue of automatic exchange of… More Europe Playing ‘Cat and Mouse’ with Automatic Exchange of Information.

Regulatory Effectiveness & Offshore Financial Centres

“…there is a need for development of standards of comparison independent of the particular interests of competitors. Allowing special interest coalitions of onshore economies like the OECD to define the parameters of debate is thus particularly inappropriate. There is a legitimate place for discussion of relative regulatory effectiveness in discussions of the global financial system. But it is… More Regulatory Effectiveness & Offshore Financial Centres