What a Tangled Web!

  Fancy a peek at Facebook’s earnings and tax bills? Tax Eurocrats certainly do. So keen are they to compel the world’s largest multinational corporations to open their tax arrangements with EU governments to full public scrutiny that the European Commission is expected to table the necessary legislation in April. Tax legislation in the EU … More What a Tangled Web!

UK and US Split on BEPS Implementation.

(UK PM David Cameron and US President Barrack Obama.) It is increasingly likely that the U.K. and the U.S. governments will adopt different approaches to implementing the OECD’s final package of measures to tackle base erosion and profit shifting. The UK Position The U.K. government considers an inclusive, multilateral instrument to upgrade bilateral tax treatments … More UK and US Split on BEPS Implementation.

IRS Welcomes Comments on Draft FATCA Reporting Form

The United States Inland Revenue Service (IRS) plans to carefully consider any comments from stakeholders on its FATCA Reporting Form; a draft of which has now been released. The early publication of this document – referred to as Form 8966 – is interesting because it is not accompanied by any of the usual guidelines on … More IRS Welcomes Comments on Draft FATCA Reporting Form


Your summary of the biggest tax, trade and investment headlines affecting International Business and Financial Services. Apple Guilty of E-book Price-Fixing Conspiracy UK Signs G5 Tax Agreement to Tackle Tax Evasion U.S Congressional Leaders  Launch National Tax Reform Roadshow Concern about Privy and Competitiveness Fuelling FATCA Backlash Credit Suisse Can Reveal U.S Client Data to IRS 5 million U.S Citizens … More franhendy’s OFFSHORE WEEKLY

FATCA Registration Begins in 6 Days…

(Image courtesy the Guardian) …and confusion reigns! The on-line portal for foreign financial institutions (FFI) to register for FATCA set up by the U.S Internal Revenue Service goes ‘live’ on July 15 but the sign-in instructions have still not been finalised. Thousands of banks, insurance companies, investment funds and other FFIs with U.S. customers are required … More FATCA Registration Begins in 6 Days…