Just In: Switzerland Now ‘Largely Compliant’ with International Transparency Rules.

In 10 reports released today, by the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information, St. Lucia, Switzerland, Albania, Cameroon, Gabon, Pakistan and Senegal are all found ‘Largely Compliant with international tax transparency and exchange of information rules. The United Arab Emirates was found ‘Partially Compliant’ only. Both Ukraine and Liberia‘s legal and regulatory framework… More Just In: Switzerland Now ‘Largely Compliant’ with International Transparency Rules.

Fresh Fears of Swiss Blacklisting.

(Swiss Finance Minister: Image courtesy Reuters) Proposed modifications to recommendations by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) by Swiss law-makers have fuelled fears of Switzerland’s re-branding as ‘uncooperative’ by the OECD. The plan that has raised the ire of the Swiss Finance Minister would see an adjustment in the threshold which would trigger the characterisation of… More Fresh Fears of Swiss Blacklisting.


Your summary of the biggest tax, trade and investment headlines affecting International Business and Financial Services. Apple Guilty of E-book Price-Fixing Conspiracy UK Signs G5 Tax Agreement to Tackle Tax Evasion U.S Congressional Leaders  Launch National Tax Reform Roadshow Concern about Privy and Competitiveness Fuelling FATCA Backlash Credit Suisse Can Reveal U.S Client Data to IRS 5 million U.S Citizens… More franhendy’s OFFSHORE WEEKLY

Why is Mongolia Cancelling its Tax Treaties?

Don’t blame the IMF. True, one of their technical assistance teams,in a November 2012 report, completely rewrote Mongolia’s model tax treaty and cautioned that its existing treaties – in particular the one with the Netherlands – were “problematic” and recommended “immediate action” be taken because the agreements were costing the government much needed tax revenue;… More Why is Mongolia Cancelling its Tax Treaties?