What a Tangled Web!

  Fancy a peek at Facebook’s earnings and tax bills? Tax Eurocrats certainly do. So keen are they to compel the world’s largest multinational corporations to open their tax arrangements with EU governments to full public scrutiny that the European Commission is expected to table the necessary legislation in April. Tax legislation in the EU… More What a Tangled Web!

Quest Means Business.

  No, not the popular Richard Quest from the CNN show. The other Mr. Quest  –  Director General for Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission, Stephen Quest – who apparently also ‘means business’ when it comes to piloting the EU’s aggressive package of tax avoidance measures through the Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union . His department is responsible for… More Quest Means Business.

UK and US Split on BEPS Implementation.

(UK PM David Cameron and US President Barrack Obama.) It is increasingly likely that the U.K. and the U.S. governments will adopt different approaches to implementing the OECD’s final package of measures to tackle base erosion and profit shifting. The UK Position The U.K. government considers an inclusive, multilateral instrument to upgrade bilateral tax treatments… More UK and US Split on BEPS Implementation.

Offshore Company Formation is Still Big Business

According to Appleby’s latest “On the Register” report, which provides insight and data on company incorporations in offshore financial centers, company formations in both London and Hong Kong are well above those recorded in 2009. In fact, Hong Kong, as a comparator, saw a 9 percent increase in the total number of active registered companies, with… More Offshore Company Formation is Still Big Business