Competitiveness, Tax and Unilateral State Action. A Canadian Perspective.

“For its part, Ottawa must decide if and when it will introduce legislation to implement BEPS and, having regard to the international competitiveness of Canadian business, to what extent it will do so without firm commitments that our major trading and treaty partners will follow suit – in particular the United States, where the legislative … More Competitiveness, Tax and Unilateral State Action. A Canadian Perspective.

Panama Abandons Extra-Territorial Taxation

…but has this damaged Panama’s brand as an international financial centre? That’s the question many in Panama will be contemplating as 2014 begins. The ‘axed’ law,  proclaimed on December 30 last year, but revoked two days later, required companies and individuals to pay tax not only on income generated in Panama, but also on income generated … More Panama Abandons Extra-Territorial Taxation


Your summary of the biggest tax, trade and investment headlines affecting International Business and Financial Services. Senator Levin Introduces Bill to Combat U.S Corporations with Hidden Owners Portugal Considering 17% Corporate  Tax Rate Obama Equates Tax Cuts with Increased Spending Moody Mulls Over Isle-of-Man Triple A Downgrade because of Tax Transparency Concerns U.S Liechtenstein Tax Evasion … More franhendy’S OFFSHORE WEEKLY

Same-Sex Tax Squabbles.

A union between a man and a woman is still the definition of marriage in Germany; even though same-sex unions are recognised under the law. In fact, in response to proposals for similar tax treatment of married couples and same-sex unions, Angela Merkel’s ruling party rejected the idea and instead chose to reaffirm that, “the advancement … More Same-Sex Tax Squabbles.

G8 Summit Ends: Here’s What They Have Agreed.

Private enterprise drives growth, reduces poverty, and creates jobs and prosperity for people around the world. Governments have a special responsibility to make proper rules and promote good governance. Fair taxes, increased transparency and open trade are vital drivers of this. We will make a real difference by doing the following: 1. Tax authorities across the world should automatically … More G8 Summit Ends: Here’s What They Have Agreed.